A slideshow that shows photos from all of my links:

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Below are some of mine, (Gustav, the host) favourites, there is of course more to be explored!
Except the links below I recomend a great total guide for west sweden: http://www.vastsverige.com/

For family

Havets hus, Lysekil (50 km) “When you step into Havets Hus you are soon surrounded by nearly 40 aquariums, ranging from tiny ones to the really big ones, all filled with exiting creatures.”
Do not miss their sealsafari!
Liseberg, Göteborg (70 km) ” Lots of attractions in summer, Halloween and in winter offer thrills, spills and laughter for kids and grown-ups..”
Vattenpalatset, Vänersborg (45 km) Pools, waterslides etc
Nordens Ark, Åby säteri (52 km), “Nordens Ark is a private non-profit foundation that works to ensure endangered animals have a future.”
Elch/moosepark, (Anneröd 30 km)


Elchmuseum, Vänersborg (45 km), “The Royal Hunt Museum – Elk Hill is located in Ecopark Halle-Hunneberg. ”
Bicycle in Bohuslän Several nice spots in the region, ask Gustav (host) for more info.
Hiking in Ljungskile here are som nice routes.
Dalsland, the region next to Bohuslän, dominates of forrests and lakes. Most visited touristspot is Håverud at Dalslands kanal, a fascinating aqueduct, here also some artmuseums, glass-art etc.


Bohusläns muséum, Uddevalla (18 km) “Bohusläns museum offers a variety of public programs and exhibitions. Each year the museum has 10-20 temporary exhibitions and more than 400 events and activities.” Free entrance!
Pilane, Tjörn (48 km), “wildlife, nature and sculpture in an ancient landscape” (a true favorite of mine! /Gustav)
Nordiska akvarellmuséet, Tjörn (50 km) “Visitors come to The Nordic Watercolour Museum to view exhibitions from all over the world, listen to interesting lectures or enjoy a concert.”
Vitlycke muséum and rock carving (68 km) “World class rock carvings, and a world heritage. ” Bronze age village and much more.

Daytrips to beautiful spots at the coast

Smögen/Kungshamn/Hållö/Ramsvik,  (71 km) One of mine absolute favorite spots. Actually four different spots nearby each other. Smögenan old fishingtown, probably the most popular spot at summertime in whole westcoast. Kungshamnsituated very near Smögen, also old fishingtown. Hållö, a very beautiful island nearby Smögen/Kungshamn, there is a boat Kungshamn-Hållö every 30 minute during season, see link. Ramsvik, is a very beautiful nature reserve close to Smögen.

Fjällbacka (67 km) A very nice spot! One of Bohusläns caracteristic old fishing towns. Possible to go far out with boat transport in the archipelago to spectacular Väderöarna (see link för more info).

Käringön (67 km to ferry) A very spectacular island far out in the archipelago. Affordable prices since it is public transport by ferry, see timetable.

Fiskebäckskil (50 km) One more nice fishing town.

Hamburgsund (66 km) Fishing town with several guided seal safaris from boats.

Trollhättans slussar, (45 km)”One of West Sweden’s seven wonders are the locks in Trollhättan.”


Torp köpcentrum (15 km) One of swedens biggest marketplaces, LOTS of stores!
Smögen, se above, there is some shopping here as well
Gothenburg, (70 km)



There are many golf courses within a short distance.

Lyckorna GK – Ljungskile, 6 km
Uddevalla GK – Uddevalla, 28 km
Stenungsunds GK – Spekeröd, 31 km
Ingetorps GK and Kungälv Kode GK – Kode, 37 km
Hörlycke GK -. Trollhättan, 39 km
Torreby GK – Munkedal, 40 km
Tjörns GK – Tjörn, 42 km
Onsjö GK – Vänersborg, 45 km
Skaftö GK – Fiskebäckskil, 48 km
Bollestad GK – Marstrand, 51 km
Färgelanda GK – Färgelanda, 51 km
Orust GK – Orust, 53 km
Lysegården GK – Kungälv, 57 km
Allmags GK – Orust, 58 km
Sotenäs GK- Hunnebostrand, 60 km
Fjällbacka GK- Fjällbacka, 69 km
Tanums GK – Fjällbacka, 80 km
Mjölkeröds GK – Tanumshede, 82 km